At Newport Smiles Dental Spa, we are dedicated to restoring your smile’s functionality and aesthetics through our top-notch Crowns & Bridges services. Our skilled team of dental professionals employs the latest advancements in dental technology and techniques to craft durable and natural-looking solutions for damaged or missing teeth.

Whether you require a crown to cover a cracked or decayed tooth or a bridge to replace a gap left by missing teeth, our personalized approach ensures that each restoration is custom-fit to blend seamlessly with your existing teeth. With a commitment to patient comfort and satisfaction, we prioritize your dental health while also delivering a beautiful, confident smile that can truly stand the test of time.

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What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a cap that is used to cover a damaged tooth. These crowns give the tooth the strength, shape, and size to improve its function and look. The crowns are made from a variety of materials such as metal or porcelain. They are specially designed to match the surrounding teeth. It is advisable to get a crown fixed for your damaged tooth as delaying it may cause permanent harm and ultimately be extracted. The crowns, when fixed into place, will fully cover the entire visible part of a tooth.

When is a Crown Recommended by Your Dentist?

Dental crowns are useful in resolving more extensive dental issues:

  • The decay of the tooth is too large to have it restored with a filling
  • The tooth had a previous root canal
  • To assist in changing the aesthetic look of the natural tooth
  • The sensitivity of a tooth
  • A deeply cracked or fractured tooth
  • Crowns are used for bridges to replace a missing tooth

What Does the Dental Crown Procedure Entail?

Custom porcelain crowns are made for teeth that are needing repair. The tooth is prepared by eliminating decay and shaping the tooth surface to fit a perfectly made crown. Our staff patiently works with you to obtain a new bite so that your crown is fit comfortably. The surface of the crown is distinguished by the bite of your opposing tooth structure.

What Are the Materials Used for Making Crowns?

There are various materials that are used in making a dental crown. Here at Newport Smiles Dental Spa, we work only with the zirconia material. Zirconia crowns are long-lasting and resilient. They enhance the smile because they are more natural. The material itself is very tough and can endure a tremendous amount of wear and tear. Compared to porcelain crowns, zirconia is a more robust, long-lasting, boasting durability that is 5x stronger than porcelain with metal.

The flexibility with zirconia enables us to modify the exact color, shape, and size of the natural tooth. Because of its translucent properties, it makes it easier to match the shading of your natural teeth. Additionally, zirconia crowns are biocompatible, which means they pose no threat and cause no harm to the body. The gum tissue adapts a lot better around zirconia crowns than any material. As well, less tooth structure is removed.

Zirconia crowns are the best choice a dentist can make when restoring your teeth.

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